Kuuhubb hires two former Sulake SVPs to drive global growth

March 21, 2017

Christian Batist and Pasi Piipponen join Kuuhubb to help expand the app portfolio and work on brand collaborations. Mr. Batist is a Business Development professional with 20 years of experience in games and digital media. He was responsible for introducing Habbo Hotel in The Netherlands as a joint venture with Sulake Corporation. He joined Sulake as SVP of Marketing and Advertising, ultimately leading a team of over 30 professionals and helping Sulake to grow its sales to $60M in 2009. Over the past 7 years, Mr. Batist has worked with over 50 game companies (Stardoll, Spil Games, Nickelodeon, Studio 100, WildWorks, etc). He joins Kuuhubb as the Entrepreneur-In-Residence, focusing on finding new investment targets and helping develop application launch and marketing strategies. Pasi Piipponen is Kuuhubb's new COO - he has earlier managed highly profitable social communities in Europe as a Sulake SVP, creating market entries in Europe through unique media partnerships. As a COO of Dingle Oy, one of Finland’s leading digital marketing agencies, his role included budgeting responsibility, sales team management and the key position in strategy development. In 2017, Kuuhubb will have a strong focus in launching several major mobile game titles, as well as developing a lifestyle/design app portfolio with strong brand and licensing relationships. The strong management and strategic skills of Christian Batist and Pasi Piipponen will be integral to Kuuhubb's evolution.