Why invest in Kuuhubb?

  • Unique growth strategy

    Discover, acquire, develop, integrate, grow user base, monetize and partner with us. KuuHubb's growth strategy enables the company to find the next billion dollar hit game or app.

  • Strong product portfolio

    Robust revenue growth led by Recolor, MyHospital and upcoming new product launches. New titles: Recolor by Numbers, Incolour, Dancing Diaries and Matching Stories.

  • Focus on the female audience

    Female gamers are still under-served - and the market is growing fast. KuuHubb has established a highly experienced game development team in Helsinki for developing new female targeted games and apps inhouse and to further improve existing products.

  • Global gaming know-how

    Kuuhubb has an international team of 70 professionals in the fields of management, finance, business development, user acquisition, publishing, production, game development, game art, illustration, customer service, live operations etc. Kuuhubb is led by co-founder and CEO Jouni Keränen, a Finn fluent in Mandarin Chinese and over 18 years of international game and app industry experience, with particular in-depth knowledge of the online games industry and market in China and elsewhere in Asia, which are areas of focus for KuuHubb in its business plans going forward.

  • 10x return on investment potential

    The Global Social App comparables (excl.FB $254) are trading on average at a multiple of $65/MAU. Applying this multiple to KUU’s 5.0M MAUs would value KUU at $325M (C$6.70-8.20/share) or more than 13x current stock price.



Live Interview with Christian Kolster


SNN Live Interview with Christian Kolster, CIO and Co-Founder of Kuuhubb Inc. (TSX-V: KUU) at the LD Micro “Main Event” 2019 in Bel Air, CA.


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