Kuuhubb and Receptiv Sign Marketing Collaboration Agreement Focused on Expanding Global Brand Partnerships for Recolor, its Leading Coloring App

January 22, 2018

Kuuhubb Inc. (TSX-V: KUU) announces that it has signed an agreement with Receptiv, a leading mobile video advertising company, on collaborating to bring new brands to Recolor digital coloring app. Over the past year, Recolor has featured dedicated brand coloring task silos for Kellogg, Fazer, and Lionsgate movies “My Little Pony” and “Wonder”. On average, brand coloring campaigns on Recolor deliver more than 60 million banner views and 300,000 coloring tasks created by users. As of December 31, 2017 Kuuhubb reached over 7 million Monthly Active Users (“MAUs”), and Recolor its pioneering coloring app had over 30 million downloads and over 6 million MAUs. “Brand campaign partnerships are playing an essential role in Kuuhubb´s growth strategy,” points out Kuuhubb Chief Operating Officer, Pasi Piipponen. “Kuuhubb’s Recolor app is a unique environment for our brands customers to interact with their target audiences in a creative, fun and engaging way. We believe that we can build a robust additional revenue stream from the brand campaign revenues alongside with our steadily growing user revenue.” Receptiv is a leading innovator in bringing major brands to mobile applications using a variety of highly innovative ad formats that earn brands 300% higher brand lift compared to industry benchmarks. It is working with over 80% of Ad Age’s top 100 brands and is particularly known for innovation in mobile video advertising at scale. Recolor is the first coloring app to add a video unit to coloring tasks for displaying movie and TV series trailers. “We have been closely watching the user growth and deep engagement happening in the coloring and design apps over the course of the last year and identified this category as an important one for brands to connect with their audiences”, notes Lo Norona, SVP of Business Development at Receptiv. “With the partnership we are excited about the opportunity to present brands with lean forward engagement of up to 30 minutes inside of Recolor.”