A Finnish coloring app helps 4 million Americans ‘fight stress and anxiety’ – and it’s a smash hit

February 26, 2018

Smartphones aren't generally seen as relaxation devices. But if you ask Tero Kuittinen, an investor in viral coloring app called Recolor, that's changing: It's indeed the pursuit of relaxation that has gotten millions of Americans hooked on the app and its myriad motifs ranging from Venice Carnivals to My Little Pony. "Coloring app appeal is in stress relief - they are used to alleviate anxiety," says Kuittinen, whose New York-based investment firm, Kuuhubb, recently bought Recolor's parent app studio, Sumoing. Recolor has tapped into a veritable explosion in the digital coloring space. Since its launch in 2015, the Finnish app has gained more than four million users in the US and is now making north of $1 million per month from a clique of paying users - mostly college-educated women aged 18 to 44. Read the full article here.