Recolor Reaches the Top 10 in U.S. App Store Charts

January 14, 2020

Kuuhubb Inc. (“Kuuhubb” or the “Company”) (TSXV: KUU), a mobile game development and publishing company focused on providing the female audience with creative interactive gaming experiences, is pleased to announce that its flagship colouring app, Recolor, has reached the Top 10 in Apple’s Top App Charts in the United States and fourteen other countries across the globe.

Recolor is listed in the 7th spot in Apple’s Most Downloaded Free Entertainment iPad Apps category in the U.S. Other apps in the Top 7 are Disney+, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, YouTube Kids, and TikTok. The success was recognized by Apple last week when Recolor was chosen as one of the featured apps in the U.S. app store.

Source: Apple Inc. iOS Top App Charts (1/10/2020)

Recolor’s strong international success has also resulted in top chart rankings in 14 other countries including Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Italy, Finland, Norway, and Switzerland.

The Recolor team has made significant product improvements throughout the app’s five-year history, all of which have contributed to the Recolor app’s global ranking achievement. Notable features receiving the most praise and highest user review ratings were Recolor’s continuously expanding colour palette and image library. The recently added “Recolor This” function improves the user’s creative experience by offering greater editing features, including in-depth hue, saturation and brightness to the app’s colour palettes. The user reviews noted that the new palette and greater number of image offerings significantly enriched their app experience.

Additionally, enhancements to the Recolor image gallery feed have allowed the world’s largest colouring community to inspire and encourage one another’s creativity. Improved and simplified access to gallery illustrations enables users to colour more pictures than they did previously, resulting in increased user engagement, duration, conversions and shared image metrics.

“We’re diverging from industry trends to forge our own path by focusing on original proprietary content creation. We are also investing significantly in improving the user experience and actively engaging our colouring community, which continues to be the largest and most passionate in the world”, said Kuuhubb’s Kristoffer Rosberg, GM, Apps & Games.

Recolor is a high-quality colouring app, with over 4,000 unique images and a vibrant in-app community that has led to over 50 million downloads and shared 55 million published images. The app has generated revenues in excess of USD +40M to date and will serve as the basis for Kuuhubb’s next-generation colouring apps, Recolor By Numbers and Incolour.

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