Kuuhubb announces Recolor Android Monthly Active Users (MAU) growth of 214%, Android platform improvements and new in-app purchase options

April 22, 2020

Kuuhubb’s flagship game Recolor sees its Android Monthly Active Users (MAU) grow by 214%, resulting in over 30% growth of Recolor Android revenue for the month of March 2020.

Kuuhubb Inc. (“Kuuhubb” or the “Company”) (TSXV: KUU), a publicly listed mobile game development and publishing company targeting the female audience with bespoke mobile experiences, announced today the launch of the improved Android version of its coloring app, Recolor, has resulted in a significant increase in the number of its Monthly Active Users (MAU) and subsequent growth in March 2020 revenues. The Company also announced that it is preparing to launch an in-app purchase (IAP) option in conjunction with its current subscription model.

Android Google Play Development:
Kuuhubb’s initial Recolor focus has been on the Apple iOS version of the app with a follow-up plan to further develop its Android version for the Google Play platform. With new updates and capabilities completed and getting the Android Recolor app to feature parity with iOS, the Company has seen that new version’s Monthly Active Users (MAU) grow by 214% in the first quarter of 2020. Additionally, Android revenues grew by over 30% month-over-month due to the increase in the number of users. To date, Apple’s App Store has generated approximately 90% of Recolor revenues; the launch of a high quality Android version will expand the Company’s opportunities for generating additional revenues in Android dominated markets such as the Asian region.

Jouni Keränen, CEO of Kuuhubb commented, “We are very excited to finally bring Android to feature parity with Apple’s iOS version and are delighted with the overwhelmingly positive reception of Recolor by Android users. It has been our long-time belief that Android could be a significant growth opportunity for Recolor and after resolute effort we are finally starting to see the results. Since the vast majority of global mobile phone users are on Android, that platform will continue to be a long-term focus area for Recolor as we further develop and operate a category-leading subscription app. In fact, next month we are aiming to roll-out another major initiative: our next generation subscription model which includes in-app purchases. The concept will be implemented in phases, beginning with providing non-subscribers an opportunity to experiment with premium content. More importantly, in later phases we aim to provide our core fans an opportunity for a compelling, deeper experience in Recolor, both socially and individually. In Free-To-Play apps, core fans typically contribute a substantial portion of the total revenues and we believe that using similar mechanics could create a materially new revenue stream for Recolor as well.”

Google Play Store – Recolor Ranked #1 Editor’s Choice
Recolor is featured as an Editor’s Choice app and recently became the number one search result for Coloring search term in the Google Play store. These results, along with the Android version enhancements, are expected to further boost Recolor’s organic Google Play installs.

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Source: Google Play Store, Editor’s Choice Ranking (Coloring Search Term W14/2020)

New In-app Purchase Options on Recolor:
Starting in May 2020, Kuuhubb intends to introduce its next generation subscription model which includes in- app purchase (IAP) options for both the iOS and Android platforms. Recolor is a free to play app supported by a subscription model where users pay a weekly, monthly or annual fee for the premium features and content. In the first phase, the new IAPs will provide users the option to enjoy their favorite content without a subscription. Users can unlock premium features or specific image bundles, as they choose, with one-time payments. Eventually subscribers will be able to enhance their experience with IAPs similar to popular Free-To-Play games. More info on the progress and details of Recolor’s new IAPs will be announced after their initial launch.